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Your dashboard, your breakdowns, your data, any way you like it. A central hub to digitally manage your MoW productions


Croogloo integrates with your applications to consolidate and streamline workflows, data in, data done. Eliminate double work, automate redundant tasks, and eliminate human error.


Standardize production forms and workflows for a consistent experience from one show to the next. From prep to archive, Croogloo’s platform assures accurate and efficient reporting.


Providing a Christmas spark to your banker’s boxes of archived productions. Croogloo enables productions to zone in on data, uncover patterns, drive down costs and generate actionable insight through a unified platform.


Croogloo is built from the ground up, leveraging years of on set experience to support every detail of your production needs.

Real stories from productions

Productions Love Croogloo

Croogloo ranks at the very top for me for production distribution. It’s intuitive and reliable, with a superb support team behind it.
– Evan Cathart
Production Coordinator
My staff and I love CrooGloo. It’s very easy to use. You can test emails EVEN WITHOUT AN ATTACHMENT. It’s very easy to manage contacts and transfer from Google. I would say it’s the best value and way more affordable for Production related software. Staff is super helpful and the service is incredibly useful.
– Roberto Capriotti
Production Coordinator
CrooGloo made it very easy and efficient for the production to send out cast and crew memos, prelims, callsheets, you name it! It’s a great way to connect with cast and crew on a larger scale without needing to input every email address individually. Another great aspect of the website is being able to send out sms text messages at the push of a button when there are last minute changes to the schedule. Production can be a rollercoaster ride, it’s a relief to know that communication to cast and crew doesn’t have to be.
– Ashley Biavati
Production Coordinator
Out of all the distribution programs to choose from, CrooGloo is the superior choice. The layout is user friendly, easy to learn, and and added plus? It’s just nice to look at! The folks at CrooGloo are constantly trying to find ways to make our work easier, improve the program, and are always there to help out.
– Sierra Ellis
Production Secretary
Croogloo is Excellent! I’ll never use another distribution site.. Makes my life so much easier and i’m grateful for it.
– Brandon First
Production Coordinator
I cannot stress enough how critical it is to have a support system like CrooGloo on any size of production.
– Matt Wakefield
Production Coordinator

Trusted by the worlds Best Studios