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Croogloo understands that every production has different needs. From low-budget commercials to big-budget features, streamline the management of any enterprise with a hub you can customize to suit your unique operation.
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Studio: Features

Enterprise Hub

Manage your studio’s entire slate with one central platform. Get a simplified overview of all productions and projects in development.

Customizable Platform

Customize your dashboard and direct your platform to suit your production enterprise needs. Select layout, functions, settings, colors, and more.

On Brand

Studio branded forms, standardized folder structure and layout for all productions.


Cut vendor overhead by connecting production logistics with Croogloo’s integrated platform. Source production gear, manage inventory, set expenses alerts and never fill out a loss and damage report again.

Carbon Calculator

Reach your sustainability goals faster and lead your industry into the future. With Croogloo, you can track consumption, electricity, gas, and waste to make greener production practices a reality.

Task Management

Plan, schedule, track, assign tasks, chat, collaborate, and report–all within Croogloo.

Built to Scale

Get smarter with every production and leverage data to maintain optimal output. leveraging data to cut expenses so companies can maintain insane output required in golden age of content


Croogloo’s production marketplace connects all your applications and vendors in one place to optimize production management and crew collaboration.

Prep to Post

Connect your entire production ecosystem. Eliminate static paper processes and keep operations rolling.

Financials Reconciled

Automate processing from multiple sources to eliminate data wrangling. All data points are linked to their original sources providing an easily traceable digital footprint to facilitate the auditing process.

Tax Credits

Croogloo sources tax credits, cash rebates, and sales tax exemptions for productions. Yield a cash return based on production efficiency and sustainability.

They like us! They really like us!

The whole time? The whole time?! The whole time!!

Croogloo swooped in and saved us when the old standard email failed. Always improving and hungry for user feedback, the system’s effectiveness only grew with our needs.
Naya Guzman
Production Coordinator
Croogloo ranks at the very top for me for production distribution. It’s intuitive and reliable, with a superb support team behind it.
Evan Cathcart
Production Coordinator
My staff and I love CrooGloo. It’s very easy to use. You can test emails EVEN WITHOUT AN ATTACHMENT. It’s very easy to manage contacts and transfer from Google. I would say it’s the best value and way more affordable for Production related software. Staff is super helpful and the service is incredibly useful.
Roberto Capriotti
Production Coordinator
In previous seasons, I would have a cap on how many people I can send an email to, creating a lot of extra work. I would have to break up each email into groups and send multiples. With Croogloo I never have to worry about this problem and can send emails with peace of mind.
Jordan Uhl
Production Coordinator
I cannot stress enough how critical it is to have a support system like CrooGloo on any size of production.
Matt Wakefield
Production Coordinator
Production can be a rollercoaster ride, it’s great being able to send out sms text messages at the push of a button when there are last minute changes to the schedule.
Ashley Biavati
Production Coordinator
Croogloo is a godsend. Easy to navigate. Saves time. Anyone new in the office picks it up quickly.
Sonia Pafford
Production Coordinator
Croogloo was such an intuitive and worry-free method of distributing electronically and making sides on my most recent production. I look forward to using Croogloo again!
Jeff Coll
Production Coordinator
Not only does Croogloo offer streamlined parsing technology with an easy-to-use interface, but it also cured my E.D.
Maitland Astin
Production Coordinator
Croogloo makes your job easier, less stressful, and lets you actually sleep at night knowing everyone got the info they need. It’s a fine organizational took that assist you in the production world and makes everything less chaotic.
Drew Cohoe
Production Coordinator
The simplest solution for combining multiple departments and applications into one interface.
Billy Ray Fong
Production Coordinator
Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and schedules, has kept everyone on the same page. As a producer, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on set when I am away.
Robbie David
Executive Producer
CrooGloo made it very easy and efficient for the production to send out cast and crew memos, prelims, callsheets, you name it! It’s a great way to connect with cast and crew on a larger scale without needing to input every email address individually.
Ashley Biavati
Production Coordinator
Out of all the distribution programs to choose from, CrooGloo is the superior choice. The layout is user friendly, easy to learn, and it’s just nice to look at! The folks at CrooGloo are constantly trying to find ways to make our work easier, improve the program, and are always there to help out.
Sierra Ellis
Production Assistant
Croogloo is Excellent! I’ll never use another distribution site. Makes my life so much easier and i’m grateful for it
Brandon First
Production Assistant