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Production is hectic

The flood of communication causes confusion.

Shows the interactions between Directors, producers, production managers and various other people in the production chain

Fix it With Croogloo

Connect everyone in real-time.

Shows connections between people on a set, at the production office and off the set
+500,000messages transmitted
+1,000,000documents distributed
+100,000sides generated
+200,000documents watermarked

Drag, Drop, Action!

Production Management Centralized.

Project manager and developer sit at a computer
Complete Experience
Compatible with your favorite tools.
Delivery van going fast
Mobile Integration
Production power,
when you’re on the go.
Woman repainting an image
Script Comparison
Easily review the latest
Script Revisions.
Crew films and records a magical scene
Script Summary
Get sides in seconds.
Director checks his phone while giving direction
Always Rolling
AD texts relay to production reports, track scene times & IN/OUTs.
Crew times and notes things
Crew Informed
Less confusion and rework.

Made for Crew. By Crew.

We built Croogloo to solve problems we know first hand. Our team has worked on productions large and small. Whether you’re a team of 5 or 5000, Croogloo works for you.

Connecting Production Operations

Feature and Episodic production management platform aggregating processes and crew to a single hub.

Different devices showing the platform in action

Why Croogloo?

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Contact Sync
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Unlimited Recipients
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Auto-generate Distro List
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Crew Features
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The Platform for
Production Management

Compatible with all your favorite services so they’re right there when you need them, where you need them.

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Productions Today

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Productions Using Croogloo

Organized productions timeline

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