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“Croogloo swooped in and saved us when the old standard email failed. Always improving and hungry for user feedback, the system’s effectiveness only grew with our needs.”

Naya. G.

Production Coordinator

“Production can be a rollercoaster ride, it’s great being able to send out sms text messages at the push of a button when there are last minute changes to the schedule.”

Ashley. B.

Production Coordinator

“Croogloo ranks at the very top for me for production distribution. It’s intuitive and reliable, with a superb support team behind it.”

Evan. C.

Production Coordinator

“Croogloo made it very easy and efficient for the production to send out cast and crew memos, prelims, callsheets, you name it! It’s a great way to connect with cast and crew on a larger scale without needing to input every email address individually.”

Matt. W.

Production Coordinator

“Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and schedules, has kept everyone on the same page. As a producer, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on set when I am away.”

Robbie. D.

Executive Producer

“Croogloo is a godsend. Easy to navigate. Saves time. Anyone new in the office picks it up quickly.”

Sonia. P.

Production Coordinator

“Croogloo makes your job easier, less stressful and lets you actually sleep at night knowing everyone got the info they need. It’s a fine organizational tool that assists you in the Production world and makes everything less chaotic. What more could you want?”

Drew. C.

Production Coordinator

“Croogloo has been everything we needed and more for our features and episodics. It’s easy to use and a member of their team is always just a short email or phone call away should we run into an issue. Croogloo has managed to find a way to streamline just about every process there is and simplify it so that anyone can use the platform and you can get the job done quickly.”

Samantha. G.

Production Coordinator

“Croogloo was such an intuitive and worry-free method of distributing electronically and making sides on my most recent production. I look forward to using Croogloo in the future.”

Jeff. C.

Production Coordinator

“The simplest solution for combining multiple departments and applications into one interface.”

Billy. F.

Production Coordinator