Croogloo is the digital 1st Assistant for your production needs. Script breakdowns, email distribution, production reports, and more, to cut the double work and keep you rolling.
Your way, the AD’s way, #1’s way, #6’s way, the Director’s way…
Multi-Script Functionality
Pull sides from multiple scripts simultaneously.
Filter by Scene, Character and Location
Select scenes by character and/or location.
Script or Shooting order
Organize scenes in script or shooting order.
1-up, 2-up, and Call Sheet pull-up
Generate sides in standard paper-sized (1-up) format and/or booklet (2-up) simultaneously. Seamlessly merge to call sheet.
Total Customization
Add circles to highlight selected scenes, insert arrows to track scene length, hide unselected scenes, and more.
Email for production by production
Reporting and Accountability
Live tracking, email reporting, and detailed breakdowns of recipient activity.
Send in Seconds
Loaded with production email templates to select from or create your own. Add file and recipient settings to your template to instantly load your emails and publish in seconds.
Cast and Agent Pairing
Seamlessly manage cast-agent distribution workflows.
Mass Text (SMS)
The fastest way to alert your crew, add a text (SMS) message to your email distribution or publish messages directly from your dashboard.
Draft, Preview, Schedule, and Cancel Sends
Unlimited email drafts, preview messages before publishing, schedule distribution in advance, and cancel emails even after hitting send.
Start Date, Inactive Days, and End Date
Set start date, not in days, and end date to automate distribution to your crew so they only receive email on the days they are active.
Tuned to your production needs
Swift Lists
Sync Gmail and load contacts and distribution lists in seconds. Manage lists from anywhere in the platform. Export lists in your desired format. Compare lists to track members and flag discrepancies.
Start Dates, Not In, and End Dates
Set start date, not in days, and end date to automate distribution to your crew so they only receive email on the days they are active.
Agents, Studios, Unions and Vendors
Contacts filtered by category type to seamlessly manage email.
Unlimited Accounts
Add as many user accounts as you need. More than just a contact, get your crew connected, eliminate the questions with no added cost.
Watermark in a click
One and Done
Watermarks multiple documents simultaneously with no limit on the size of recipients.
Simultaneous Rendering
Run multiple watermark jobs at the same time. No need to upload one by one or wait for them to finish; move on to other tasks and get an alert when your files are ready.
Add custom watermark text, or choose the option to automatically pull recipient names, titles, and departments. Set the opacity and output to a PDF or ZIP file and you’re done in the time it took you to read this.
Encryption You Can Trust
Watermarked documents with an extra layer of protection for your most sensitive information.
Daily Time Reports
Time Reports
Unified feed for production reports and payroll
Daily Time Reports (DTR)
DTRs automatically push data to accounting, production administrators, and weekly timesheets.
Instant Weekly
Eliminate labor-intensive payroll tracking and the manual timecard process. Auto-generate weekly timesheets in your preferred payroll provider format. No template emails, last-minute printing, or lost paperwork.
Crew information and rate details are automatically stored in Croogloo, ensuring accuracy and accelerated processing. Instantly generate cost and production reports and share them with a simple click.
Automated Accounting
Eliminate busywork, increase efficiency, and track expenses in real time while seamlessly relaying data to your accounting database.
Comprehensive database of production forms
Format and Export Options
Impress even the pickiest PMs. Export in Word, Excel or Google forms to get your templates done exactly how you like them.
Department Minded
A comprehensive set of production forms for all departments, including ADs, accounting, the office, travel, and more.
Don’t see a template you like, or already have the perfect one? Upload your own forms to Croogloo to make them accessible to your team.
Green Machine
Cut wasteful practices and track your carbon footprint with the Producers Guild of America production checklist template and/or the Carbon Calculator template.
File Storage
File Storage
Encrypted digital file storage and sharing
Cloud Integration
Link cloud accounts and source files instantly.
Permission Checklist
File sharing without the extra work. Eliminate moving files across different folder groups by simply selecting the access level(s).
Automated Wrap
Folder and file categories seamlessly direct your assets to archives based on wrap protocols. All your wrap documents available in seconds.
Smart Folders
Simplify file management, get everything sorted seamlessly and accessed intuitively. Set folder filters, to automatically direct uploads and assets so they’re always where you want them to be.
Photo Approval
Photo Approval
Closing the loop on photo review and approval.
Endless Storage
Upload as many photos as you need from your phone, desktop or straight from the Cloud.
Enhanced Collaboration
Share photos within or outside of your team to unify communication and review.
Streamlined Approval Workflow
Expedite approvals and avoid confusion by adding comments directly to the images.
Simple and Secure
Photos are securely stored and easier to share with your crew than other applications.
“Croogloo ranks at the very top for me for distribution. It’s intuitive and reliable, with a superb support team behind it.””

Production CoordinatorEvan Cathcart

They like us! They really like us!

The whole time? The whole time?! The whole time!!

Croogloo swooped in and saved us when the old standard email failed. Always improving and hungry for user feedback, the system’s effectiveness only grew with our needs.
Naya Guzman
Production Coordinator
Croogloo ranks at the very top for me for production distribution. It’s intuitive and reliable, with a superb support team behind it.
Evan Cathcart
Production Coordinator
My staff and I love CrooGloo. It’s very easy to use. You can test emails EVEN WITHOUT AN ATTACHMENT. It’s very easy to manage contacts and transfer from Google. I would say it’s the best value and way more affordable for Production related software. Staff is super helpful and the service is incredibly useful.
Roberto Capriotti
Production Coordinator
In previous seasons, I would have a cap on how many people I can send an email to, creating a lot of extra work. I would have to break up each email into groups and send multiples. With Croogloo I never have to worry about this problem and can send emails with peace of mind.
Jordan Uhl
Production Coordinator
I cannot stress enough how critical it is to have a support system like CrooGloo on any size of production.
Matt Wakefield
Production Coordinator
Production can be a rollercoaster ride, it’s great being able to send out sms text messages at the push of a button when there are last minute changes to the schedule.
Ashley Biavati
Production Coordinator
Croogloo is a godsend. Easy to navigate. Saves time. Anyone new in the office picks it up quickly.
Sonia Pafford
Production Coordinator
Croogloo was such an intuitive and worry-free method of distributing electronically and making sides on my most recent production. I look forward to using Croogloo again!
Jeff Coll
Production Coordinator
Not only does Croogloo offer streamlined parsing technology with an easy-to-use interface, but it also cured my E.D.
Maitland Astin
Production Coordinator
Croogloo makes your job easier, less stressful, and lets you actually sleep at night knowing everyone got the info they need. It’s a fine organizational took that assist you in the production world and makes everything less chaotic.
Drew Cohoe
Production Coordinator
The simplest solution for combining multiple departments and applications into one interface.
Billy Ray Fong
Production Coordinator
Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and schedules, has kept everyone on the same page. As a producer, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on set when I am away.
Robbie David
Executive Producer
CrooGloo made it very easy and efficient for the production to send out cast and crew memos, prelims, callsheets, you name it! It’s a great way to connect with cast and crew on a larger scale without needing to input every email address individually.
Ashley Biavati
Production Coordinator
Out of all the distribution programs to choose from, CrooGloo is the superior choice. The layout is user friendly, easy to learn, and it’s just nice to look at! The folks at CrooGloo are constantly trying to find ways to make our work easier, improve the program, and are always there to help out.
Sierra Ellis
Production Assistant
Croogloo is Excellent! I’ll never use another distribution site. Makes my life so much easier and i’m grateful for it
Brandon First
Production Assistant